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For over 12 years, ICON has been helping European businesses make the most of their online marketing budgets through training, consultancy and implementation. ICON.workshops are all about encapsulating that experience in a dynamic, energetic, and engaging format delivered in the right setting.

Social Media & Driving Revenue through Consumer Engagement
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As organisations scramble to the Internet to foster deeper ties with their customer-base, most fail miserably while some rant and rave about their successes in the Social Media environment. Looking at local and international data this presentation seeks to identify emerging channels, trends and success stories in Social Media.
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  • “Attending ICON’s workshops was an eye opener for me, both to understand the constantly changing landscape and to identify new opportunities in taking Air Malta’s digital presence further. Both instructors were very well versed in the...
  • "Your presentation was excellent and well received by the audience. We were privileged to have such distinguished speakers like you and look forward to meeting you again in the future."
  • "Gege Gatt's delivery & content were engaging, interesting, relevant, and entertaining."