Mobile Marketing as a New Channel
Session Length:2hrs 30mins
Starting off in its simplest form (SMS marketing), mobile marketing has now grown into a highly specific and highly specialised field of marketing.With lower data charges in Malta and in Europe, mobile usage is also set to grow considerably with consumers.

 Trainee Outline:

Trainees are expected to be at middle-management level or above. While a technical background or experience with the web is NOT mandatory, having a general understanding of the Internet is useful to allow for better course participation. 

Course Outline:

With these trends in mind, this course is intended to supply attendees with a good understanding of the following key principles:

Mobile landscape:

  • OS / Phone Developer markets
  • Ownership Demographics
  • 2011 data, 2014 predictions

Mobile Marketing Overview:

  • Different options
  • Exploration of each option
  • Case Studies for each option
  • Identification of Best Practices

The Importance of Apps

  • Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps
  • Examples
  • App usage data & demographic
  • iPhone App Dynamics
  • Quantity
  • Type & Distribution
  • Who’s buying apps (or are they all free?)
  • How does the APPSTORE work (revenue models) o Location Based Apps & the rise of geo-tagged data
  • What makes a successful app?

Creating a Mobile Strategy

  • Critical Success Factors
  • Common Pitfalls
The Venue
Microsoft Innovation Center Malta
Located at Skyparks Business Centre in Luqa, the Microsoft Innovation Centre boasts of incubation space, networking area and conference rooms. Since its opening in February 2013, the Innovation Centre has hosted a wide variety of events and conferences on various topics related to ICT. A number of startups and NGOs are utilize the facilities at the Innovation Centre to work, host meetings and networking events.
Course Schedule
There are no sessions available for this course. Please check back later.
The Trainer
Dr. Gege Gatt B.A., LL.D.
Born: 1978
Hometown: Valletta, Malta
Education: Bachelor’s desgree in Sociology and LL.D. (in Law) from the University of Malta.
Experience: 16 years in I.T., SEO, business development and online marketing
Interests: Social Media, Marketing Management, Information Technology and photography

Graduating from the University of Malta with a doctorate in Law focusing on IT-related legislation, Gege has been involved in the IT scene since 1996. With web application technology experience and a proven ability to drive revenue from technology products and services, Gege was a founding member of ICON Studios Ltd. (, currently a Microsoft Gold Partner, which focuses on the development and support of web application solutions. Gege is responsible for overseeing all aspects of corporate strategy and operations at ICON. Gege is also a founding member of MUOVO ( an ICT specialist HR-consultancy firm, a regular contributor to major local IT journals and magazines and a doctorate thesis specialist assistant examiner at the University of Malta.